Thermoset Molding

Thermoset plastics, also known as thermosets, are plastics that undergo an irreversible curing and bonding process to mitigate the risk of deformation. Unlike thermoplastics that can soften when heated, cured thermoset plastics cannot be reshaped, making them ideal for high-temp electrical applications.

Modor thermosets consist of the highest quality polymers backed by an industry-leading strength-to-price ratio. We test all thermosets using a combination of insulating properties testing, electrical breakdown, electrical current resistance and dimensional distortion testing to ensure performance and reliability.

As with all Modor Plastics Products, we can provide turnkey concepting to finishing with guaranteed turnaround times. Visit our Plastics Learning Center for additional thermoset information.

What are Thermoset Plastics?

Thermoset plastics are comprised of several polymer chains that are chemically bonded together to form cross-linked molecular meshes. This “thermally set” cross-linking structure is extremely durable and provides vastly improved dimensional stability over traditional thermoplastics. As a result, thermosets will never soften, fatigue or melt. Additional benefits include:

  • More resistant to high temperatures than thermoplastics
  • Highly flexible design
  • Thick to thin-wall capabilities
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • High levels of dimensional stability
  • Highly cost-effective

Thermoset Plastic Examples

We perfected our thermosets in the electrical industry, where products are often subjected to harsh temperatures and high electrical currents. Typical thermoset applications include printed circuit boards, electronic chips, electrical relay sockets and molded plastic enclosures. Thermoset plastics can also be used for a wide range of non-electrical applications.

Contact a Modor Thermoset design engineer for more information.

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