Value-Added Services

Our goal is to offer the greatest value to our customers, which is why we’ve incorporated every step of the plastic injection molding process under one roof. From design and prototyping to finishing and assembly, Modor Plastics can find opportunities to manufacture your product more efficiently.

Screen and Pad Printing

We can create screens from customer supplied artwork or recreate customer design in-house. We expose screens at our facility and can screen any color, including multiple colors. Corporate logos, directions, instructions for use or any other label can all be screened directly to any plastic product.

Our labels and printed products are built to last. We use specialty molding materials that are not oil or silicon based, making it much easier for ink to adhere to our plastics. Some Modor labels have lasted for decades under the most demanding operating conditions.

Our static reduction devices also aid in the screening process. We offer both manual and automated screening and pad printing to produce almost any type of screen or pad printing our customers may request.

Machining & Assembly

We offer custom CNC hole drilling, known as “perfing,” which allows us to produce square and round holes with accuracy down to fractions of an inch. Adding these holes or perfs allows the customer to place switches, lights or other devices. All parts can be assembled and shipped directly from our facility.

Contact a Modor engineer for more information on our value-added services.

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