Molded Enclosures

Modor molded enclosures combine the versatility of product customization with off-the-shelf manufacturing speed. Simply choose a size from our inventory of standard molded enclosures and select from a list of features and finishes. All plastic enclosures are 100% tested before leaving our factory.

With over 30 years as a turnkey injection molder, we know how to minimize labor costs without compromising our legendary quality. Our American-made injection molded enclosures are available in thermoplastic or thermoset plastic and can be fitted with custom features such as LEDs or RF/IF transmitters.

Typical plastic enclosure applications include:

  • Sensors
  • Industrial & commercial enclosures
  • Safety devices phase interrupt
  • Coil housings
  • Operator interface enclosures

Configurable Options

Base plate

Base plates are available in your choice of sizes, dimensions and plastic materials.

Pin Count

Choose from a wide range of custom pin counts, connectors and pin assignments.


Our highly accurate color matches are guaranteed for the life of the product.

Molded Perferations

Perforations can improve airflow, reduce weight and provide design opportunities for internal/external cabling.


In-house screen and pad printing services help cut costs and production time by eliminating outside vendors.

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