Why Choose Modor?

We have been in business since 1979 producing high performance plastics for the electronics industry. Our experience in electrical plastic contract manufacturing has given us advanced testing procedures and efficient processes that can be applied to any industry looking for high-quality plastics.

Modor offers one of the strongest price-to-quality ratios in our industry. We honestly believe that no other foreign or domestic injection molding manufacturer can meet our level of quality or match our competitive prices. We also cut costs by designing, manufacturing, decorating and assembling your products under one roof.

Plastic products undergo more abuse than almost any other manufacturing material. Our plastics are put through wide range of mechanical, electrical and heat resistance testing to ensure they can withstand the most demanding operating conditions.

Every manufactured part is inspected multiple times using a combination of visual inspections, computerized testing and destructive/non-destructive testing procedures. You will receive perfect parts every time or we%u2019ll make it right, guaranteed.

Every product is made in the USA at our Tennessee facility. Our centralized location makes it easy for us to ship products anywhere in the US. We will gladly ship globally for customers that want to avoid the risk of China manufacturing.

Contact a Modor representative to learn more about what makes us different.

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